Joseph A. Newton, aka AEONJA (eon) (jay), is a multifaceted artist who endeavors in photography, graphic design, landscapes and cityscapes, abstract paintings, Afrocentric paintings and commissioned artwork; but He is best known as a portrait artist that has an eye for capturing many of the unique attributes of his subjects within his paintings. Joseph is a self-taught artist who is constantly honing his craft to be at the top of his game. Though Joseph has had no formal training in the arts other than attending a week long camp at the Art Institute in grade school; he descends from a family of artists who are as talented in their own right in the areas of painting and sculptures. His works rival some of the best formally trained artists known today. 

At a young age Joseph drew on whatever he could get his hands on. His mother often put newsprint on the walls so that he could be creative and draw to his heart’s content. In high school he once had an art teacher assert that he was not a ‘real artist’ because as they put it, he did not “paint from life.” As one could imagine, this statement could be devastating to a young budding artist; but instead it inspired him to prove that statement wrong. One look at his portfolio drives the point home that this declaration couldn't have been further from the truth. He began painting in grade school and as he got older he progressed to painting with oils and acrylics on canvas. Many of his earlier works included black and whites. As technology advanced, his work has evolved to the use of digital paintings as his medium of choice due to the cleanliness and the convenience of it. 

Joseph believes that the subjects he paints have a story to tell and he captures a visual representation of that story as a distinct moment in time. His works are an artistic expression of the spirit within and without-an elaborate detailing of how our Creator intricately designed us. His paintings are heirlooms that can be passed down for generations. He incorporates a variety of visual elements using a combination of expertise, detail, symmetry, and lighting to immortalize their story. While the goal is not ‘photo-realism’, it has often been stated that his portrait paintings “ looks like a photograph.” When asked, what is it that you are trying to convey in your paintings, Joseph's response is simply, “ The beauty…….the beauty within their story.”